Top 3 Benefits of “Instadvertising”

Instagram has ousted its parent company as the second most teen-used social media platform (behind YouTube). Instagram is becoming Facebook’s best growth opportunity. Its rise in popularity has lured tons of advertisers which prompted 25 million small-to-medium businesses into creating an account. However, only 2 million of those businesses take advantage of the benefits of “Instadvertising.” Every company should be advertising through Instagram, here are three reasons why.

Customer Interaction

Businesses advertising through their Instagram accounts will often receive comments/feedback from customers or potential customers. Addressing their issues will show you run a company that cares about customer satisfaction.

Reach Your Target Audience

Advertising through this platform allows businesses to focus exposure on specific demographics, this allows the ad to reach its target audience.

Regional Advertising

Television advertising will usually air, and that’s it. Businesses have no clue who it reached or how many impressions it made. Instagram offers data detailing how many people viewed it and how many people scrolled through it on their feed. It will also allow you to emphasize a region that will frequently post your ad.