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What The Trend?! What Is Popcorn? (Episode 2)

Our workplace is where we spend most of our day writing emails and working on projects with our colleagues. Emails flood our inbox, and it feels like we are interacting with faceless bots instead of people in the cubicle next to us. This impersonal work environment sparked an idea for Cloud-9 developers who wanted to add a “POP” to their day. Popcorn is the new social media app that will change how we interact in our work environments. 

Here are the top three (3) things you need to know about Popcorn!

1. Work-Place Based App 

Popcorn is a smartphone app that focuses on making the workplace a fun and safe environment. This app differs from any other platform on the market because it is strictly for professional use. 

2. How It Works

Popcorn allows users to send short videos or “Pop” to coworkers and clients.

It can be used in several ways, including sending a quick checkup with a colleague, sharing progress reports for a group project, or even sending a cold outreach message to a potential client. “POPs” can be no more than 60 seconds to limit users from rambling. While it might seem like the social media market is oversaturated with new platforms, no other apps focus on short video messaging for the professional environment.  

3. Pandemic Inspired

Popcorn experienced a “Pop” themselves during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. While the world was moving towards a virtual platform, Popcorn was able to bring a personal touch to at-home work environments. CEO Justin Spraggins and Lead Engineer, Ben Hochberg, started Popcorn at the beginning of the pandemic and gained traction due to the new in-person restrictions. They want to create a platform that allowed for at-home communication but is different from long Zoom meetings. 

Popcorn has the right idea, but they are still in the testing phase like any promising start-up.The platform has been experiencing problems with security, spam, and reporting inappropriate conduct. Once it  can get itself past these barriers, Popcorn is soon to be making a POP on your smartphone soon!